Tuesday, August 02, 2005

i-schools are....

I sent the following email this morning. It's my hope that the CLIS administration truly engages the CLIS community's questions. For the town hall meetings to be most productive, I think some prepatory dialogue makes sense--and a definition for i-schools would seem to be an important part of the explanation of what we're supposedly gaining in the "reconfiguration" of PWL.

Dear Jenny:

I may be jumping the gun here, but I wondered if you or Diane were planning on responding to Lynne's question on the CLIS List about i-schools? I found Diane's jumping in about the accreditation question very helpful and was hoping administration would take this chance to perhaps share a little more of its thinking with the broader community, help students get a better handle on the trends in education, and perhaps even continue a fertile dialogue regarding CLIS's mission, though I realize a response that would include efforts at all of those objectives may not be best for the list all at once.

It's my hope that all the issues surrounding the PWL closure will produce better community interaction than exists, and this seems to be a great chance to keep the dialogue educational and professional.

Kevin Fries


Blogger Kevin said...

As I understand it, Jenny will be posting something about i-schools to the CLIS list in a day or two. - FYI

4:28 PM  

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