Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pre-Town-Hall Meeting on Wasserman

Dear fellow CLIS’ers, both current and past –

Several of us have been discussing Wasserman’s move/closure, both online and off, and that has been a fabulous testimony to our concern about the issue. Twenty-six different individuals have posted to the CLISlist alone, and numerous others have entered their opinions in the Wasserman blog. We have not been silent!

Kevin Fries and I (CLIS 2005) have been brainstorming this a bit, and we thought it might be helpful for folks to come together and solidify their thoughts before the Town Hall meetings with Dean Preece. The Town Hall might be our only chance to speak directly to her, and a prior face-to-face discussion might help us come up with better ideas or solutions to the problem. Plus a prior discussion might lead us to present a more solid and professional front – one the administration might respect more, and dismiss less lightly.

The issues that we think are worth discussing beforehand are:

Wasserman Issue

• If we believe that the administration is UNLIKELY to reverse this decision:
o What our best response is.
o What important/irreplaceable Wasserman services we would like to see preserved in the new space.
o What new services/uses we think should be provided by the new space.
o How our suggestions would further the mission of CLIS as we know it, and as the administration appears to see it in the future.
o How we would suggest that the “success” of Wasserman’s replacement be evaluated.
o How we can best have a voice in the reconfiguration of the space.

• If we believe that the administration MIGHT reverse this decision:
o How best to present our grassroots movement, so that we have sufficient influence in the issue.
o Whether there are other areas of influence that could be leveraged.
o How to leverage those other areas of power.
o What the best arguments are for keeping Wasserman.

Involvement in Decisions Issue

o Whether we want to be more involved/consulted in future decisions affecting CLIS.
o How we can be constructively involved.

Our question to you is: would you be interested in gathering before the Town Hall meeting? If so, which day/time would you prefer?

Sunday, August 21st, 6pm
Sunday, August 21st, 8pm

Tuesday, August 23rd, 6pm
Tuesday, August 23rd, 8pm

Please let Mara know at by using the hotlink here or by writing to by 5pm Wednesday, August 17th, if you are able to attend.

Mara Hemminger and Kevin Fries
CLIS, 2005


Blogger Kevin said...

Great, Mara! I am looking forward to this.

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